In 1970 Pastor Wayman Mitchell went to the small town of Prescott, Arizona. From here, a spiritual
fire was  launched that is spanning the globe. Since that time over a thousand churches have been
planted with  crusades and conferences touching tens of thousands every year. These Churches are
a product of that  vision and is working to see it expanded in the short time that remains before Jesus

God has given us a vision for the day we live in. Our message is simple, yet it is the corner-
stone of all truth. Jesus Christ is  the only hope for mans' salvation. In a world full of empty dreams
and false promises, there is a truth which grows stronger every day: Jesus Christ, the Savior of the

The Netherlands
The open door in The Netherlands was in 1978 with a small biblestudygroup in a small city called
"Steenwijk". The group consisted in about 30 people en desired a pastor. One of the disciples took
the pastoral leadership with the help of pastor Mitchell, who supported the Dutch church with money,
revivals, sending evangelists and pastors, and giving direction. Through the Prescott conferences
this Dutch pastor received vision and direction and this is how the Dutch Fellowship started. The
church in Steenwijk moved to Zwolle where they are now responsible for hosting their own conference
every 6 months. In this conference many different countries a represented.

"Evangelie Gemeente De Deur" has about 64 churches in The Netherlands and about 40 missio-
naries and local pastors in other countries like: South Africa, Peru, Curaçao, Surinam, China, Czech-
Republic, Portugal, Aruba, Croatia, Danmarkand Cape Verde Islands.